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ZyloTech to Speak and Exhibit at 2017 MIT Information and Communication Technologies Conference

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (April 12, 2017) – ZyloTech, the first AI-powered customer remarketing platform, will take part in the 2017 MIT Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Conference to explore the latest ICT research and its impact across industries. 

ZyloTech, formerly DataXylo, is an AI-powered customer remarketing platform for marketing operations groups that delivers the deep, timely, customer data and analytic-driven insights needed for highly effectively re-marketing. ZyloTech began as an MIT-connected startup and has grown to help enterprises in high-tech and retail retain and monetize customers through AI-powered customer analytics. Customers regularly report a 4X improvement in customer monetization, retention, and personalization initiatives. 

Abhi Yadav, CEO and co-founder of ZyloTech, will speak on the company’s AI-driven Marketing Operations Management (MOM) framework and discuss how ZyloTech is innovational in the customer remarketing space. 

Yadav said: “Interestingly, the customer-retailer relationship is, in many ways, like a mother and child relationship. Today’s omni-channel customer expects to be understood, and retailers should respond by nurturing them with the right content or offer, at the right time, via the right channel.” 

Consumer choice is a very complex phenomenon, driven both by rationality and emotions. Retailers that act based on limited customer data will have inaccurate targeting. It is imperative that retailers have a complete picture of their customer to understand why they make the decisions they do. ZyloTech provides this 360-degree view to help retailers better retain and monetize their existing customers.

The annual MIT Information and Communication Technologies Conference features presentations by MIT faculty, technology demonstrations by MIT-connected startups, and opportunities for networking with top MIT researchers and industry executives. Director of the MIT Mobile Experience Lab, Federico Casalegno; Director of Tangible Media Group, MIT Media Lab, Hiroshi Ishii; and Health Tech Educator, Entrepreneur, Investor Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan School of Management, Zen Chu will be in attendance. 

The conference will be held on April 12th and 13th at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge. The event is open to the general public, MIT faculty, students, and staff, and MIT alumni. Conference agenda and registration information can be found here. 

About ZyloTech

ZyloTech, formerly DataXylo, is the first AI-powered customer remarketing platform for omni-channel marketing operations. Launched in 2014 as an MIT spin off, the platform uses machine learning to solve data quality issues and analyze all customer data continuously, and in near real time, for superior insights in support of omni-channel marketing operations. 

In a marketing world where improvements are measured by small percentage points, ZyloTech clients have frequently reported a 4-6X lift in customer retention and monetization efforts. 

Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, ZyloTech leadership includes a high-profile board and advisory team, comprised of PhD’s in artificial intelligence, data scientists, and other marketing experts from the MIT ecosystem. Learn more about ZyloTech and schedule a demo at

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