Data Quality

Cleanse, enrich and unify your data

Data Enrichment

Business Question

How can we keep our Customer data live, while continuously enriching across silos, social, third party data sources and web?


Dynamic Customer Data Management with probabilistic and deterministic entity resolution (fuzzy match)

Zylotech Benefit:

Accurate and updated customer dat with powerful analytics and segmentation


Consumer Householding

Business Question:

How can I connect my customer to the right household?


Profile and organize customer journeys for each member of a target household then optimize marketing campaigns

ZyloTech Benefit:

Unify and enrich numerous data silos inside or outside of org to derive household relationships

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B2B Account & Contact Tagging

Business Question:

How can we combine contacts, accounts and web signals?


Cleanse, append, and enrich our account information with accurate data to support account based marketing (ABM) initiatives.

ZyloTech Benefit:

Accurate account hierarchy while connecting the right contacts with the right accounts, identify the target persona and enrich with missing information continuously. 

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