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Zylotech Talks Big Data
Ed Wolf, Head of Sales, and Abhi Yadav, CEO of Zylotech, discussed big data and the digital landscape ahead....Read more

Martech Intelligence Report
Zylotech Highlighted As A Leading CDP
This report examines the current market for enterprise customer data platforms (CDPs) and the considerations involved in implementing the software.....Read more

Introducing Engagio’s All New ABM Market Map
A few years ago, Engagio published our ABM Market Map, which was the first comprehensive listing of all the categories and vendors in ABM....Read more

Data and Customer Loyalty
In 2018 data is king. Brands are inundated with it — data from sales channels, digital platforms, call centers, CRM systems, In-store POS, social....Read more
Martech Intelligence Report
Enterprise Customer Data Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide
This report examines the current market for enterprise customer data platforms (CDPs) and the considerations involved in implementing the software....Read more
Interview with Abhi Yadav, Founder & CEO – Zylotech
Over the last decade, we’ve seen analytics successfully applied to many areas, but saw a massive gap in customer analytics, which have tremendous benefits for retaining....Read more
Artificial Intelligence Platform for Omni-Channel Customer Analytics
Using machine learning, ZyloTech is the only platform to break through data quality and analytics barriers for business users to effectively retain and monetize more
Frost and Sullivan
Customer Acquisition is only the beginning
The stratecast report analyses how new approaches leveraging Big Data and analytics are helping brands more effectively retain and monetize their customers...Read more
Inside BigData
Using AI to Analyze Fashion Data
The apparel market is one of the largest in existence. In an industry this large, it’s hard to keep customers engaged and active with your lines...Read more
What is the Zylotech Customer Analytics Platform?
CMO Jeffery Whitney takes you through the unique problem solve of the powerful Customer Analytics Platform developed by ZyloTech….Read more
Boston Business Journal
Zylotech continues to show tremendous growth, expands management team
ZyloTech announced today the appointment of their new VP of Product Marketing, Art Souza, to guide the company's growth and product innovation plans…..Read more
Greenhorn Connect
Startup Spotlight: Zylotech
Zylotech’s mission is to enable individualized promotions and offers which are contextual and relevant, beyond mass personalized rule engines, and put an end to customer decision fatigue...Read more
Tech Emergence
Artificial Intelligence for Personalization in Marketing – Current and Future Possibilities
In this episode of AI in Industry we speak with Abhi Yadav, the CEO of ZyloTech, a Boston-based customer analytics platform for omni-channel marketing operations....Read more
AI Business
Is Personalization Actually Possible?
Consumers can often feel like faceless shoppers in a warehouse of goods. They ultimately want promotions and products that are tailored to their specific tastes....Read more
Inside BigData
How Data Scientists Are Wasting Their Time
Today’s definition of what most companies want in a data scientist seems to be something akin to a superhero. Companies are looking for a regular Mister Fantastic...Read more
Boston Business Journal
Zylotech Launches Customer Data Technology
Zylotech's technology integrates customer data from multiple sources to help companies make more money off their existing customers by reaching out to them at the right time with the right offers...Read more
David M Raab
An interview with Zylotech, CEO
A chat with Abhi Yadav, founder of Zylotech, a MIT-bred, artificial intelligence-driven Customer Data Platform and message selection engine...Read more
Zylotech Drives Retention Marketing
As machine learning has advanced in recent years, automated marketing solutions have flooded the market. Zylotech sits on the edge of this trend...Read more