The ZyloTech Customer Analytics Platform (CAP) is an award-winning, AI-powered engine that enables omni-channel marketing operations to increase customer monetization and deliver highly effective, individual-based marketing.


Until now, it’s been impossible to capitalize on all your customer data at the point of action or decision, in near real time. Customer data moves too fast, it's perishable and it’s too varied for current Big Data approache to handle with armies of data engineers and scientist. ZyloTech changes the game.

ZyloTech AI-Driven Customer Analytics Platform (CAP)


The ZyloTech platform leverages an automated machine learning approach on a bottom up basis  to both curate and analyze all of your data and trigger actions through your marketing stack

Continuous A.I. Process

  • Identify - Cross-channel identification of your customer and relevant data points.
  • Unify - Continuous unification of data points to complete relevant data schemas.
  • Cleanse - Data prep, including de-duplication, normalization etc.

  • Enrich - Continuous merge, purge and enrich across various sources.

  • Analyze - Deeper customer insights and pattern discovery.

  • Act - Individualized outreach and promotion based on each customer's specific intent and preference, enabled through your existing marketing cloud.

Platform Layers

  • Dynamic Data Engine enables intelligent data management in motion, using machine learning to harness the collective wisdom of dozens or hundreds of sources and millions of customer data points. Futuristic Customer Identity Management at scale and speed continuously.
  • Embedded Analytics Engine lets you leverage a comprehensive analytics suite - from deeper segment and micro-segment lens to advanced, predictive analytics, pattern discovery - to analyze and stay on top of your Customer Intelligence, while enabling contexual actions to increase value. Like never before.

  • Integration accross all your favorite applications. No need to ditch your favorite marketing technology stack. Our platform works alongside most of these systems you already use and love. 
  • Advanced Machine Learning based Identity Management to identify and unify your customer data continuously at scale
  • Leverage all your customer data with continuous probabilistic and deterministic data matching
  • Interactive Customer 360 View, across proprietary Zylo Lens to further micro-segment towards actions
  • Continue using your favorite data visualization and marketing tools to run your campaigns. No need to rip and replace
  • Automated customer data management and near real time decisioning engine powers your campaign tools


ZyloTech Connector - Connect to any customer data rapidly, wherever it lives, whatever it looks like and however much it changes




The ZyloTech API Connector Library provides an extensive selection of pre-built connectors to integrate your data from popular marketing applications, databases and Big Data platforms.


Zylotech is a first of it's kind data integration solution allowing you to use your existing visualization tools like Salesforce, Marketo, Microstrategy and more. You will have a real time decisioning engine powering your campaign tools. 

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