World's First Self-Learning Customer Data Platform



Connect All The Data You Need

The Zylotech self-learning customer data platform starts by identifying the available data across your ecosystem, gathering from all data sources and teams. Brings data from siloed sources together via direct integration, or batch, to ensure disparate sources can begin speaking with each other.

Big Data Management

Zylotech makes it easy and simple to manage and apply complex big data management and governance rules at scale. Massive amounts of customer data from various sources are unified, transformed, and deduped without the need for human intervention.
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ID Resolution & Anonymous Visitor ID Detection 

Zylotech collects and merges, both anonymous visitor data and known user profiles back to a single record through an automated process in real time. Leverage the power of AutoML to improve merge rates, probabilistically match two seemingly different records, and create truly complete customer profiles. 

Customer Journeys Driven By Unique Z-ID

Continuously unify your customer data from multiple sources and see it presented in one clean and up-to-date record with a unique Z-ID that can be passed through to downstream tools.

Enrich Current Customer Profiles
With Social Data

Augment your customer digital IDs by adding
vital missing personal information.

Enrich With Demographics, Firmographics, Psychographics, Technographics, And More

Deep insights may require going beyond the customer data you have in your systems. Zylotech integrates with a large set of APIs from a vast network of data partners & publishers.

Intelligent Centralized Segments That Leverage Unified Customer Data 

Use comprehensive data from all of your sources to build highly intelligent and centralized segments that can be delivered downstream to all your marketing channels.


Updated And Available In Real Time

Customers are assigned segments in real time to reflect in-the-moment interests and behaviors. Make the optimal offer at the most opportune time to retain your most valuable customers, drive incremental revenue and renewals, prevent churn, and more.



Prescriptive Micro-Segments Through AutoML

Our embedded AutoML models assess customer behavior/intent and unearth trends and patterns that predict future behavior with accuracy. Discover who's ready to buy and what, who's going to churn and when, and activate those insights into smart, data-backed lists for customer marketing activity.



Zylo Lens For AI Powered Actionable Insights For Up-Sell, Cross-Sell, Churn Reduction, & Reactivation

AI and machine learning-driven customer analytics unlock the full potential of your business' customer data. Marketers are now empowered to quickly identify revenue enhancement or customer retention opportunities and take action with urgency.


Next Best Offer & Recommendations For 1:1 Personalization Optimized By Channel

Improve profitability and loyalty by determining the next best offer for every customer. Deliver these offers and recommendations through any channel directly to your consumers in real time.




Embedded Analytics Engine Powered By AutoML To Enable Insights Ready For Consumption In Real Time

A comprehensive embedded analytics suite that continuously ingests data to provide real time actionable insights for marketers to identify target audiences and run relevant campaigns. Automated ready-to-consume insights are an alternative to the self-service CDP platforms that promote a DIY approach.



Insights Where You Need Them

Make customer intelligence part of your marketing activities without changing your workflow or processes. Integrations to your marketing stack means you can access Zylotech’s customer intelligence within your favorite marketing tools. Alternatively, you can use the Zylotech app to create target audiences and send them directly to the campaign execution tool of your choice.

Campaign Feedback

As activations happen across all your connected marketing tools, new events are picked up in real-time by Zylotech, creating the most up-to date Customer/Account 360, that in turn would feed the Embedded Analytics Engine for richer insights. And this cycle would continue in perpetuity.