Zylo CDP

World's first Automated Customer Intelligence Platform. 


Data Layer
Most businesses have their data spread across a variety of teams, sources, and silos. Our data engine pulls all of that information into one platform. It standardizes it, removes duplicates, and enhances it with missing information - both personal and behavioral. Get one clear view of your customers that is as close to a real-world, real-time representation as you can get. 
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Our embedded analytics engine can analyze all your data, in near real-time to yield deeper insights than human analysis is capable of. By uncovering valuable trends and patterns, you can boost customer engagement by offering the most timely, relevant personalized offers and promotions.
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Analytics Layer
Source agnostic and flexible Zylotech CDP can integrate into any marketing and customer data stack. Keep your team working on the marketing and insights platforms they know while AI and Machine Learning from the CDP in the background unlock deeper actionable insights.
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Zylotech Customer Data Platform

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