Analytics Layer Features


The DRIVE-R Framework Powered By AutoML


Learn more about the powerful engine behind Zylotech’s self-learning customer data platform that drives our clients customer lift.

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Customer Profile
Life-time Value- Know the net profit for each customer over their life cycle.
Churn Score- Predict who's about to churn and prevent it.
Buying Propensity- Determine who's most ready to buy and promote accordingly. 
Purchasing Patterns- Learn where, when, and how your customers buy.
Pricing Sensitivity- Narrow down who is price conscious and what they want to buy.
Promotion Scoring- Attribute how a promotion affected your numbers.
Up-sell recommendations- Know what to sell, to whom, and when.
Cross-sell recommendations- Suggest complimentary offers to your customers.
Next sell recommendations- Know their next likely purchase and give a nudge.
Product affinity- Identify anchor and pull-through products to promote.
Predictive Analytics


LifeStage- Know who's ready for new products before they do.
LifeStyle- Show customers what people with similar interests to them are buying.
Potential- Learn who will grow to be your MVP customers.
RFV- Segment your customers by recency, frequency and value.


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