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Zylotech Powers Continuous Customer Intelligence

Discover the Story Behind Your Data

 Data represents one of the biggest challenges that enterprise organizations face today. You have too much random data across teams. Too many tools for corner use cases with siloed data. Lack of data accuracy and consistency. And, most importantly, no holistic view of your customers or how to best engage them. 

You need a strategic approach that unifies your customer data across marketing, sales and customer success and breaks down the data silos to streamline your revenue operations.

Zylotech optimizes your marketing automation, customer relationship management, and customer data platforms to improve the customer experience and power your revenue operations. We enhance your martech, salestech, adtech and customer success engines with the industry’s most comprehensive customer intelligence to deliver a holistic view of your contacts and accounts and help you discover the story behind your data.

Zylotech partners with leading providers and gives you a suite of flexible API driven solutions. The benefit to you? Keep the tools and services you use today and enhance them with Zylotech.

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Lead Enrichment

Missing or inaccurate lead and contact data is costly. Your sales and marketing teams spend countless hours and resources, both time and money, researching information and trying to “fill in the blanks.”

Zylotech Enrich automates this labor intensive process and will do the heavy lifting for you. Enrich is an API driven service that augments and appends your existing contact lists. We work with your favorite marketing automation, customer relationship management and customer data tools to deliver demographic and firmographic updates on a continual basis. Zylotech Enrich delivers the vital missing information you need to complete your lead and contact profiles. 

The Zylotech Enrich service gives you:

  • Automated contact and lead validation and data enrichment across website forms, events lists and target contact lists.

  • Annual packages for contact or lead enrichment with verified ID resolution.

  • Offered as a bulk, batch, and real-time API within CDP, marketing automation or CRM.

Contact Discovery

Struggling to identify the correct contacts for your marketing account lists and programs? Are your sales teams stuck looking for contacts instead of speaking to prospects?

Zylotech Discover eliminates these hurdles and gives you the most accurate and relevant contacts and information for your target account lists. Discover simplifies contact identification based on company name, job title and persona details to drive success for Account-Based Marketing (ABM) programs, outbound sales teams, and customer success teams.

The Zylotech contact discovery service powers and enhances your existing tools and services to give you:

  • Automated ongoing contact identification for target account lists.

  • Annual packages for contact discovery within your target accounts.

  • Bulk, batch and real-time API integrations for customer data platforms, marketing automation or customer relationship management products.

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360 Account Intelligence

Does everyday feel like “Groundhog Day” for your marketing, sales and customer success teams? A constant search for information about your target accounts or Account Based Marketing (ABM) accounts?

360 Account Intelligence from Zylotech puts an end to the repetitive cycle and gives you a continuous “intelligence feed” of information on your target account list. We provide you with insight on your accounts that is aggregated from any web or 3rd party data source that includes; firmographic, technographic, behavioral, and buying intent information. You can also leverage Zylotech’s dynamic scoring capabilities and define triggers that create next-step actions. With Zylotech 360 you gain context for a better understanding of your key accounts - continuously.

Zylotech 360 Account Intelligence gives you:

  • Continuous, real-time information feeds for better account intelligence within your target list.

  • An aggregated universal view of web information and 3rd party data feeds without the challenge of 1st party data sharing.

  • A service offered within CRM and marketing automation tools or as a flat file.

  • Quick access to the most comprehensive information on your accounts.