Zylotech Self-Learning CDP

B2B Customer Data Platform

Zylotech provides the only dynamic, intelligent Customer Data Platform (CDP) optimized for B2B customer insight and engagement. The Self-Learning CDP gives you one place to manage your customer data, make intelligent recommendations and deliver an integrated message and experience to maximize customer conversion and revenue. The Self-Learning CDP Platform leverages the API enabled Zylotech Product Suite including: Discover, Enrich and 360 Account Intelligence to continuously update, cleanse, normalize, & enrich your customer data.


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Dynamic Data Management with AI Intelligence

Customer-obsession starts with accurate information. You need a complete picture of your customers and prospects to understand who they are, how they behave and what they intend to do. The Zylotech Self-Learning CDP gives you a comprehensive view and insights that you need to put your customers first. We combine our dynamic Data Management engine and Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine to power your marketing, sales and customer success operations to grow your business faster.

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Zylotech Data Engine

Dynamic data management with real-time enrichment
of people and companies.

  • Know your customer or target list inside out with 100s of fields per record
  • Automate lead routing with lead-to-account matching, enrichment and account hierarchies
  • Gain continuous, real-time insight into each customer with Unified Customer Profile
  • Integrate any 1st, 2nd and 3rd party B2B data sources
  • Leverage all your data with cloud-based data management innovation data stewardship best practices

Zylotech AI Engine

Understand your Ideal Customer Profile from every vantage point.

  • Gain attribution and measurement from leads to accounts
  • Develop Dynamic Predictive Scores across contacts and accounts
  • Find prospects resembling your best customers with “look-alike modeling”
  • Enable personalized engagement with Custom Buyer Personas
  • Increase conversions by engaging at the right time with Intent Signals & Scores
  • Build smart list across contacts and accounts with Dynamic segmentation to push campaigns across any activation engine - Marketing Automation, AdTech

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Collect: Connect All Your Data and Simplify Management

Identify all of your available data across your entire ecosystem with the Zylotech Self-Learning Customer Data Platform. Bring data from your teams and disparate data sources together in Zylotech with either direct or batch integration for a common data source and language.

Simplify big data management and governance rules at scale. Easily ingest the massive amount of customer data from multiple sources and eliminate the need for labor-intensive, manual processes needed to unify, transform, and dedupe data.


Unify IDs: Create Unique IDs from Both Known and Unknown Data Sources in Real-Time

Automatically create a single record and unique ID by merging anonymous visitor data with known user profiles in real-time. Take advantage of Zylotech’s AutoML functionality to improve merge rates, match seemingly different records, and create complete customer profiles with a unique Z-ID that can be passed to your downstream tools and services.

Unify IDs

Enrich: Leverage Demographics, Firmographics, Psychographics, Technographics, and More…

Augment your customer profiles and digital IDs with critical personal information aggregated from many sources. Zylotech supports a vast network of data partners and publishers via API integrations to deliver the most complete, up-to-date customer profiles and insights.


Segment: Understand the Patterns that Differentiate Your Customers

Build intelligent, centralized customer segments created from the most comprehensive data collected from all of your sources. Take advantage of real-time customer assignments to optimize offers that prioritize your most valuable customers, drive incremental revenue, increase renewal rates, prevent churn, and more.

Discover which prospects are ready to buy and what they're interested in using Zylotech’s embedded AutoML. Assess behavior and intent to pinpoint trends and predict actions with improved accuracy.

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Insights: Improve Loyalty and Profitability with Personalized Interactions

Unlock the full potential of your customer data and quickly identify revenue enhancement and customer retention opportunities with Zylotech’s Analytics engine powered by AutoML. Deliver timely offers and recommendations via any channel directly to your target audience and customers in real-time. Easily identify the next best offer and recommendations for true 1:1 personalization optimized by channel.

Leverage a comprehensive, embedded analytics suite to continuously ingest data and collect real-time actionable insights that allow you to identify target audiences and run the most relevant campaigns.


Activate: Gain Insight Where You Need It

Make customer intelligence part of your marketing activities without changing your workflow. Leverage Zylotech’s Self-Learning CDP using standard integrations with your favorite marketing tools and improve your campaign feedback loops in real-time.

Create intelligent, comprehensive and unified prospect and customer proles across your marketing, sales and customer success channels.



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