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Zylotech's goal is to solve both the "data curation" and "advanced analytics" challenges many marketers face while trying to leverage all of their data. Soloed data leads to limited insights, adhoc segmentation and fragmented reporting. Zylotech helps you identify, know, grow, retain, and reactivate your customers in real time. 

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Presentation: AI Powered Customer Analytics

Zylotech's Customer Analytics Platform uses automated machine learning to identify, unify, cleanse, and enrich all your customer data to power AI driven, real time customer insights for marketing teams to execute upon. 

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Ebook: Retailers Guide to Customer Retention & Monetization

Retailers need to know everything they can about their customers. However, in today's big data world that's hard to do. From silo'd data to ad hoc analytics, marketing teams are finding themselves struggling to use all the data they know they have. This ebook covers some strategies retailers are using to tame their data and move from big data to big insights. 

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