Our Team 

Engineering / Product 

Engineers, UXers, data scientists and more, the product team are an agile mix of data enthusiasts and business minded technologists. One thing unites them above all else, leveraging the power of AI to transform the way data and customer analytics are handled at the enterprise level. 



Zylotech's marketers come from a variety of education and startup experience backgrounds. They mostly focus on spreading the word about how disruptive AI is in the customer data & analytics landscape.

Key Advisors

Deepak Taneja

Serial Entrepreneur, Founding Partner - Pillar, RSA, Netegrity

Doug Levin

Tech Entrepreneur, Black Duck, Microsoft

Michael Cusumano

Sr MIT Sloan Professor, Platform Guru, Renowned Author

Michael Fleischman

Entrepreneur, Twitter Board Member, MIT Media Lab Scientist

Wan Li Zhu

Early Stage VC at Fairhaven Capital