CDP Use Cases

Customer Lifecycle Automation 

Experience how you can better grow, retain, reactivate, and nurture your lapsed and active customers with AI-powered customer analytics.


B2B Account Based Intelligence

Understand your key accounts and key personas to drive more sales and ABM revenue with the help of deep account intelligence, customer profiling, persona matching, and ongoing data enrichment of target accounts.

Customer Ad-Targeting

Identify better prospects when you know what your best customers look like, and continue to build lasting relationships with them through the use of relevant and individuals offers.


Drive highly personalized customer interactions across the web, 
email, and any other marketing channel by creating a 360 customer view with demographic, behavioral and transactional data. 

Cross-sell & Up-sell

Improve the customer experience by built-in predictive and recommendation models sharing the next best product or offer to cross / up-sell and to which customer and when.