Use Cases

Customer Lifecycle Automation 

Use in-depth customer data analytics to Identify, understand,
grow, retain, reactivate and nurture both your lapsed
and active customers. continuously.
Use customer analytics to enable Individualized interactions
with all of your existing customers across all stages of the
life cycles and buying journey.
Leverage all your customer data from every channel to enable delivery
of precisely the right offer at the right time, through any of your existing tool or activation layer i.e Marketing cloud, Website, Ad-tech etc.

B2B Account Based Intelligence

Help your sales and marketing manage the myriad of target accounts and target personas with automated Account database management.

Understand your key Accounts and key persona’s to further drive sales and ABM revenue with the the help of deep account intelligence, customer profiling and personas, persona matching and ongoing data enrichment of target accounts and incoming leads continuously.

Customer Ad-Targeting

Existing relationships deserve a contextual content
and offer than acquisition offers.

Help your brand drive more targeted and data-backed ad campaigns with intimate knowledge about your customers and their cohorts.

Send out personalized content at the most opportune moment on
any channel via your preferred Ad-tech system
or Social platform i.e Facebook, LinkedIn


Drive highly personalized customer interactions across the web,
email, and any other marketing channel by leveraging not just demographic data, but also behavioral and transactional data.
We call this as Individualization.

Reach out with the right message at the right time and on
the right channel to show your customers you’re listening.

Cross-sell & Up-sell

Built-in predictive & recommendations models which goes beyond
the obvious results can show you the next best product or
offer to cross or up sell to which customer and when.

Send 1:1, individualized offers and promotions to improve
the customer experience and drive sales.

Use micro-segmentation and cohorts to see beyond the
obvious recommendations and reveal deeper patterns
and trends that fuel unprecedented results.